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Redefining content management

We have developed our own content management system enabling us to tailor our technical solution to fit our clients' requirements.​

Our research showed that most website administrators only use 15-20% backend functionality of any CMS. We stripped away all the layers of functionality that were never used and created a very simple, uncluttered yet powerful CMS that delivers an enhanced user experience for non-technical website managers and administrators.

As we have built the system from the ground up, we can easily customise and integrate it with our client's CRM or legacy back-office systems. 

Using a simple yet powerful rich text editor allows website managers to effortlessly format the content. Using similar controls and iconography as Microsoft Word makes it easy to use. More advanced users can edit the html within the page by using the source view.

Our CMS's proprietary page building technology allows our clients to create the pages they need without confining themselves to a rigid template. This allows for a wide variety of layouts that are tailored to our clients content. 

A powerful image cropping tool renders our CMS is a Photoshop free zone. By simply draggin the image into a pre-defined area allows the site administrator to simple scale, position and crop images all within a single window.

Simple drag, drop and scale functionality makes it easy to organise content on the page.

Our CMS will support Latin and non-Latin scripts including Mandarin, Japanese and Arabic. Our multi-lingual site management tool maps the content and pages from one language to another which means you do not need to re-populate images for additional languages and creates a dynamic link between multiple languages. The CMS itself can be customised for additional languages.

We have over 15 years of experience in designing and building cutting edge websites for our clients who are all using our bespoke content management system.