Milford Watefront Hero Pattern

Milford Waterfront

Where the land meets the sea

Milford Haven Port Authority recognised that their Milford Marina brand fell far short of their aspirations for this flagship project.

With the potential to be a key Pembrokeshire destination the Port Authority felt that the brand didn’t convey their ambitious plans. We had to agree. It appeared to stop at the marina, rather than seeing far beyond it.

So, with oil tankers slipping quietly past the Port offices, we took the time to interview stakeholders ranging from the chief executive and trawlermen to retailers and Pembrokeshire Tourism.

A moment of clarity

The name Milford Marina just didn’t convey the whole experience of glamour of the marina and the authenticity of the fish docks, let alone the 380,000 sq ft in the pipeline. But it might be impossible to find a single brand name that could.

So we opened up our thinking to the key emotion … the connection between sea and land.

Setting the new course

We presented our creative ideas for three different naming and positioning concepts, richly illustrated. These were tested among stakeholder audiences to find out which one matched their emotions, optimism and ambition for the area.

Far more than just a logotype, these concepts were supported by name and destination hierarchy, visual language and tone of voice guidelines.

Our work continues. We are now developing environmental graphics and wayfinding for the Port Authority.