Granger Reis

Search with style

Granger Reis is a specialist provider of executive search and consultancy services to multiple industries, including property, construction, transportation, infrastructure, energy and industrial. We were tasked with re-developing their website to provide a contemporary visual style that you would expect from a company whose ambition it is to become a leading light in their industry and renowned internationally.

The site is dynamic using our own CMS and is fully responsive to meet the ever increasing mobile devices and screen sizes used to browse. The high-quality macro photography replaced line drawn illustrations however, we retained the visual metaphors established in the previous site but in a more subtle, stylistic way. With photography used as backgrounds - allowing the headline messages to be the main focus. The bold black-and-white colour palette is retained, giving the site a sophisticated, serious feel. As well, a subtle refresh of their existing brand identity was made to better align with the new visual style.