British Ski and Snowboard National Foundation

Investing in the future of British Snowsports

Building on the success of the British team at the Sochi 2014 with the UK’s first ever medal on snow and an additional six top ten finishes, The British Ski and Snowboard National Foundation was born. The Charity generates income to support the next generation of UK snowsport athletes.

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The brand identity captures the spirit of the sports it supports - exhilarating, exciting, healthy and fun and the use of the 'crossed ski' emblem together with the colours of the union flag provide authority, energy positivity and action.

The focus of the website content is to explain the aim of the Foundation, outlining who the recipients of funding will be with the design focused on driving people towards making the ever important donation. 

The athletes’ stories educate and provide confidence to potential donors who have been identified as members of the general public, specifically the UK's 1.5 million recreational skiers and snowboarders, as well as private individuals who are considering making a donation to the Foundation who will consult the website to verify its credentials. 

The charity launched in November 2016 which alongside current funding will help spearhead the medal ambitions of British snowsports ahead of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang.