January 2017

THAW: Photographs of the melting Arctic polar ice cap

In addition to our work with The Crown Estate on Regent Street, Small Back Room were recently asked to create an identity and brochure for upcoming photography exhibition THAW.

THAW is a new project from Timo Lieber and takes place at London's Bonhams in February.

It was a long held passion of aerial photographer Timo Lieber to capture the impact of Arctic warming and translate it into beautiful photographic images, while alerting the wider world to this amazing yet disturbing occurrence in the Arctic.

Timo has created these striking and emotive fine art photographs, in a collection entitled THAW, which are exhibited for the first time by Bonhams in London’s Bond Street. THAW is a series of eleven large-scale photographs, the largest of which measure 1.7 x 1.7 metres, interpreting the fragility of our planet.

THAW is more than just a photographic project – it is a collaboration between fine art photography and the scientific work of several leading glaciologists.

THAW invites the question: What is behind this beauty? How does it affect us?

Timo’s aim is to try and assist in answering these questions through this project. His mission is to help make the world more aware of the rapid melting in the Arctic, which undoubtedly is escalated by man’s contribution to global warming.

THAW: Photographs of the Melting Artic Polar Ice Cap by Timo Lieber is on

from 20-23 February 2017

Monday to Thursday 10am - 5.30pm

at Bonhams London.


Read more about it: The Guardian and the Evening Standard