November 2015

Regent Street Rebrand

Small Back Room were appointed as brand guardians to the iconic London’s Regent Street over 13 years ago. We were first tasked with branding the London epicenter to attract new retailers and shoppers to the street. Over 13 years later, and a successful working relationship, we were asked to update the brand to reflect a “transformation” and a “enlivened” new Regent Street.

We redesigned the visual identity to include a simple white rectangle and circle that could be filled with different colours and images so the brand stays active and transformational. This new visual identity remains truthful to the brand strategy of “Always. Different” as the area of Regent Street is consistent in quality but always transforming and changing.

Small Back Room creative director and partner, Gavin Tuck, explains, “The logotype and beautiful simple shapes work as descriptors, we wanted it to feel bright, vibrant and have a youthful appeal to it, but still fulfill a more mature nature.”