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What have we done? What are we like? What's it like working with us? What can we offer you?
Above our door it says...  
Yellow Circle with Star - Top Dogs
Yellow Circle -  Creatives
Green Circle -  Thinking Suits
Pink Circle -  Bean Counters
Orange Circle - Others

John Rushton - Top Dog   
Be creative, think ahead, respect each other, have fun and work together to create success.  

It’s our belief that a talented team, supported by a strong agency, builds lasting client relationships and delivers outstanding work. That’s why we value our people so highly and promote a culture where everyone has the opportunity to excel. 

That’s how we think – we’d like you to experience what it’s like.

Tim Lewis - Top Dog
Irfan Yunis - Creative

Tracey Glover - Other Sean Revell - Creative Ian Tasney - Top Dog Riz Jaffer-Clarke - Creative Prue Fenwick - Thinking Suit Gavin Tuck - Top Dog Farhan Urfi - Creative
Anastasia Miari - Creative

Paul Collins - Thinking Suit Claire Wood - Creative
Ismael Valero - Other Bruce Smith - Creative Susan Denny - Other Loic van Dongen
JodyLee Barratt - Bean Counter Tim Cowen - Thinking Suit  
Tom Blackburn - Creative

Kallie Ashenden - Creative George Jury - Creative Nicky Renwick - Thinking Suit David Lett - Top Dog Yvonne O'Grady - Thinking Suit
  Trevor Townsend - Creative    
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